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We enable access to best-of-breed b2b lead generation solution providers, publishers and b2b data providers. We help you identify and select the best b2b solution provider for each particular program so that you start achieving desired results quickly and improve your ROI

Let’s accept that finding ‘quality’ B2B marketing services is really a tough job. With growing ambitions and bigger goals, it is increasingly important to find the right blend of lead generation vendors, media agencies, database providers, and MarTech providers.
That’s where we step in!
TechConnectr helps you connect with the handpicked and carefully vetted B2B lead generation solution providers, publishers, agencies, database providers, and top-class AdTech and MarTech companies.
Enable your marketing team to perform to their highest potential by collaborating with us. Utilize the best-of-breed lead generation vendors, streamline your entire B2B lead generation process ,access diverse yet targeted and intent-based data, and never miss a good business opportunity.
Yes…we have answered the most critical questions of B2B marketers regarding lead generation solution providers, their capabilities, scalability, campaign performance, and ability to deliver quality leads.
With so many B2B lead generation vendors out there, who can I trust?
Over 80 new B2B lead generation vendors have entered the market in the past two years. Some are good, with new and improved technology, targeting, staffing and controls. Others are bad, and should be avoided. On time delivery and lead quality is always an issue. 

TechConnectr’s vetting and detailed evaluation of lead gen solution providers includes site-visits, reviews of hiring & training protocol, data sources, and quality controls and is the basis of custom recommendations for specific needs. This way, you can be assured that you are working with top lead gen solution providers.

How will I effectively measure ROI success across various lead gen campaigns and efforts
TechConnectr provides detailed ROI analysis of each disparate lead genration programs against sales opportunities created. 
How do I know that I am getting the quality you promised?
TechConnectr standardized lead generation stagesdeliverables and expectations are communicated in the SOW up-front.
How can I get my boss and my sales team to love me?
There is no magic bullet, but TechConnectr’s team has been in the business for a combined 25 years. We know from experience the best-performing solutions. We hand-pick the best available solutions based on your target audience and deliverables.
How can I get one-stop shopping for lead gen solution providers?
The TechConnectr marketplace enables you to select, test, and manage multiple data and B2B lead gen solution providers.
How can I get the best communication and timely response from lead gen solution providers?
TechConnectr enables direct communication with lead gen solution providers and oversees timely responsiveness.
What new best practices and ideas are you seeing?
TechConnectr actively explores and evaluates new technologies, data, and tactics as they arise and suggest them to our clients.

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