Account Based Marketing (ABM) Thought Leaders Interviews and Insights.


Bob Samuels



jay mcbain principal analyst global channels at forrester

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Global Channels at Forrester.


rob leavitt svp at itsma

Rob Leavitt, SVP at ITSMA.


andrew gaffney genius behind b2bmx and president g3 communications

Andrew Gaffney, President at G3 Communications


david lewis founder and ceo at demandgen international inc

David Lewis, Founder and CEO at DemandGen International, Inc.


Marketers / Solution Providers

jay gaines chief marketing officer at siriusdecisions

Jay Gaines, CMO at SiriusDecisions

peter isaacson cmo at demandbase.

Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase

katie bullard president at discoverorg

Katie Bullard, President at DiscoverOrg

david fortino svp audience and product at netLine corporation

David Fortino, SVP Audience and Product at Netline Corporation

sangram vajre chief evangelist and co founder of terminus

Sangram Vajre, Chief Evnagelist and Co-Founder of Terminus

masha finkelstein growth marketing devices and mobility at google cloud

Masha Finkelstein, Growth Marketing, Devices and Mobility at Google Cloud

John A. Steinert Chief Marketing Officer at TechTarget

John A. Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

jenn steele cmo at madison logic

Jenn Steele, CMO at MadisonLogic


laz gonzalez chief strategy officer at zift solutions

Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer at Zift Solutions


gregg medaglia founder and chief of business operations at b2lead

Gregg Medaglia, Founder at B2Lead


marc osofsky ceo at aberdeen

Marc Osofsky, CEO at Aberdeen


jay mcbain principal analyst global channels at forrester

Jessie Coan, Head of Marketing at Aberdeen



Samantha Stone Founder & cmo of the marketing advisory network

Samantha Stone, Founder & CMO of The Marketing Advisory Network


gregg medaglia founder and chief of business operations at b2lead

Ricky Abbott, President at Transmission


james miller senior vice president at dwa

James Miller, SVP at DWA


dave jones co-founder and president at yesler

Dave Jones, Co-Founder and President at Yesler


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