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Boston August 12-13, 2019

TechConnectr, in partnership with the B2BSMX, is proud to bring you wisdom from leading ABM thought leaders

techconnectr interviews andrew gaffney genius behind b2bmx and president g3 communications

Interview With Andrew Gaffney

Genius Behind B2BMX and President, G3 Communications


Interview With Masha Finkelstein

Growth Marketing, Devices and Mobility at Google Cloud

Topic at B2B MX: Applying ABM Principals To Target SMBs

Date: 27-2-2019

Time: 10:40 AM

Interview With Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Global Channels at Forrester.

Topic at B2B MX: Through-Channel Marketing: How New Tools And Services Will Accelerate Partner Programs

Date: 27-2-2019

Time: 10:40 AM

Interview With David Lewis, Founder and CEO at DemandGen International, Inc.

Topic at B2B MX: Agents Of Change: How To Win In The Age Of Transformation

Date: 24-2-2019

Time: 4.00 PM

Interview With Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase.

Topic: ABM And Modern B2B Advertising: Reaching The Buying Committee At Your Target Accounts

Date: 26-2-2019

Time: 11:25 AM

Interviw With Sangram Vajre, Chief Evnagelist and Co-Founder of Terminus.

Topic: ABM 2.0, How To Take Your Marketing From Good To Great

Date: 26-2-2019

Time: 11:25 AM

Interview With Samantha Stone, Founder & CMO of The Marketing Advisory Network

Topic at B2B MX: Authentic Conversations In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

Date: 27-2-2019

Time: 1.35 PM

Interview With John A. Steinert, CMO at TechTarget.

Sponsorers and Exhibitors at B2BMX


Interview With Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer at Zift Solutions

Topic at B2B MX: AI In The Channel

Date: 26-2-2019

Time: 11.25 PM

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